The New Federalist Project

About the Project

Of the People, For the People

The New Federalist is a project dedicated to examining life in modern America; economic inequalities, mass disenfranchisement, and the government that has enabled it all. Through a lens of empathy and leftist ideology I examine historical events that have shaped our present, detailing the oppressive structures most Americans live within while asking the reader to take a step back from their own narrow viewpoints. My writing aims to empower people through discussions of our most pressing issues, guiding us towards uprooting America’s disenfranchising structures at the source. We can create a country that allows the “American dream” for all, but it will take collective action that values human life over individual gain.

For this endeavor I adopted the moniker Publius as an aspiration to achieve similar influence to the original Federalist; hoping to shift our societal ethos in a more empathetic and accepting direction while cutting through hatred and helping us envision an America that allows prosperity for all, not just a few.


A Brief Introduction to the Work

Introduction for The New Federalist

The Case for Social Capitalism America has long endured as a powerful democracy, a testament to the will of our people to remain loyal through centuries of near fatal conflicts, none of which broke our resolve to maintain the Union. We are at another decisive moment in history testing whether our nation can endure, at…

We can not be complacent with the status quo. The New Federalist aims to educate the reader through a leftist lens, weaving threads from various historical events and American institutions to explain our overwhelming reality while providing a more prosperous vision for the future. I challenge our rugged individualism, show how establishment white supremacy and zero sum thought have hurt us all, and discuss the general disenfranchisement that millions of Americans experience socioeconomically. Most importantly, my writing explores what changes we can personally make to view the world empathetically, and in the same spirit as our founding fathers demand that America’s federal government recognize its existence as of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our country is quickly heading towards climate catastrophe, economic collapse, and violent civil conflict, spurned on by individuals seeking self aggrandizement at all cost. If we do not intervene to change the course, we will continue seeing a violent and inequitable history reborn into the present. I love this country and want to emphasize that we can maintain the individualism and diversity that makes America so unique while thinking collectively to place human life over hollow capital growth. Together, and only together, can we create a society that allows future generations to live the American dream we believed in growing up, truly secure in their freedom.

– Publius

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