Revision of Previous Essay – What about Liberal Democrats?

I’ve been waffling back and forth about how some of my points came across in the original upload of this essay. To be clear I do not side with Greenwald or Rogan fans on any of their crusade, I simply believe that censorship divides us further within an identity politics based wasteland. I made some edits to the points in this essay in the hope that it makes my stance more clear; establishment liberal Democrats are dangerous because they claim to be on the side of the people while their actions do exactly what the right wing would. It opens the space for the right to go even farther right, and has allowed an openly fascist agenda to be adopted in a terrifying way (which I will dive into soon).

Here is a link to the revised essay.

I hope my points come across clearly enough to gather that while I don’t agree with people like Rogan or support his boosting of misinformation, feeding the divide in our ideological space by simply cancelling him provides no room for the other side to be heard. It only pushes people who may have been on the fence further right against the ‘others’ they are being told have a religion of censorship and want to cancel everything they like. I believe that in order for our leftist ideals to be implemented on a socioeconomic scale we need to unite the people rather than feed narratives designed to separate us. Conversation and exposure to different lifestyles and groups will allow us as Americans to see that those who call this country home are not so different, even if they look or talk differently than us. We generally want the same feelings of belonging, purpose, and ability to be secure around those we love, and while there will always be a hateful fringe, we can discredit and lessen their influence by realizing most of the identity divide pushed on us is for the benefit of the ruling class. The problem is that when we politicize things like the vaccine after years of attacks on education, people who identify on one side of the aisle will do everything in their power to ‘own’ the other and leave many more dead than should be (it’s the same concept as Trump admitting he downplayed the severity of the pandemic because he didn’t want to worry people ahead of an election).

As always, thank you for reading. I hope that these essays can inspire readers to approach others with empathy even if they don’t agree on everything, and provide some clarity as to the lies our imperialist establishment has fed us. I will be back soon with an analysis of the path the right wing has taken and its (d)evolution to the dangerous fascist path we see now.

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