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Revision of Previous Essay – What about Liberal Democrats?

I’ve been waffling back and forth about how some of my points came across in the original upload of this essay. To be clear I do not side with Greenwald or Rogan fans on any of their crusade, I simply believe that censorship divides us further within an identity politics based wasteland. I made someā€¦

We Know Why GOP Politics are Dangerous. What About Liberal Democrats?

Many readers may find the insinuation that the Democratic Party is dangerous to be off putting. However over the course of this post I will rebuke what the Democrats stand for and present readers with evidence as to why our liberal party is more insidious than the GOP, and just as much of a driverā€¦

America’s Futile System Fuels Festering Fascism and Violent Politics

This post is an ending as well as a beginning, and it took me longer than I would like to admit to find the proper wording and explanations for the arguments I make. It marks the conclusion of the 4th New Federalist series concerning identity politics, but will combine themes from past discussions in orderā€¦

Faith in the Cult of Personality

In this post I would like to begin a discussion of the ideas that religion play in our modern political sphere. I will be going further on this topic in regards to right wing extremism in some other posts; this discussion will center around the ways that faith play into our cultures and different lifestylesā€¦

How Media Fans the Flames of Culture War and Allows Fringe Figures to Gain Power

In our discussions of identity politics to this point I’ve mostly centered on left/right aspects and divides along race, explaining how statistics have been used in misleading ways to fear monger white conservatives into anti-immigration and supremacist attitudes, stoking their suspicion of any “other” and driving us to the edge of a cliff that halfā€¦

How Many More of Our Children Will Suffer?

We are so blinded within our own bubbles, only concerned with personal gain or status, that the well being of our children and other’s means less than to us than being personally shielded from their actions. I had taken a couple weeks off from posting because I needed to breathe for a bit, step backā€¦

Examining Underlying White Supremacy Within the American Identity

This post goes hand in hand with my previous; Disproving Misleading Statistics and Analyzing the Harm of Identity Politics Many white Americans don’t give too much thought to what other ethnic groups income is in comparison to theirs, and this goes across the board for many Americans in general. There isn’t a consideration for conditionsā€¦

Disproving Misleading Statistics and Analyzing the Harm of Identity Politics

Figures such as Trump, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, or any number of right wing personalities have preyed upon the history and isolation of rural communities by either justifying their ingrained white supremacy, or presenting racist justifications for the nationā€™s problems that allow a group to direct their anger from American disenfranchisement at. This manifests inā€¦

Identity Politics and Our Loss of Rationality

ā€œThe split in America, rather than simply economic, is between those who embrace reason, who function in the real world of cause and effect, and those who, numbed by isolation and despair, now seek meaning in a mythical world of intuition, a world that is no longer reality-based, a world of magic.ā€  – Chris Hedgesā€¦

The Biggest Grift in Human History

Today I would like to share a special essay with you all, one that I personally had the most fun yet disgust researching; the ballad of the Federal Reserve. I recently finished this lovely piece with Bezos implementing his boring dystopia, so I figured it would be the perfect companion for our discussion about robberā€¦

An Idealist Essay on Restorative Justice

Now that we’ve reached the end of series II and III I would like to take a moment and look back on the discussions we’ve had about police and incarceration while offering an idealist vision for how these institutions can be changed for the better. As part of this I will present some ideas thatā€¦

Opinion: Facebook is Only Maintaining the American Metaļæ¼ļæ¼

Here’s a comic and opinion piece I did about the latest from Facebook, enjoy! Facebook is Only Maintaining the American Meta When a corporation gets too greedy and ā€œaccidentallyā€ does harm they can always rely on their PAC bought candidates in Washington to protect them. Sometimes though, public opinion overrides willful ignorance or inaction fromā€¦

Law Enforcement Doesn’t Protect our Rights, They Restrict Them

Everything that I have described up to this point in the series shows a police force that is completely divergent from the goals of community health and safety. This post is going to be a final analysis of how American law enforcement violates our constitutional freedoms and show once again that police were created asā€¦

A Doctor’s Diagnosis for Murder Part II – Excited Delirium

Part I Part II Warning: This post will be graphic and discuss police violence in a very real way. We left off after the first part of this excited delirium analysis with an account of Gregory Lloyd Edwards’ murder, how he was placed in a cell with tasers lodged in his back and a pepperā€¦

Police Unionization and The Damage It’s Done

As we discussed in our introduction to American policing, the values of groups that early departments spawned from never truly left them; even after 150 years. The people that they were created to oppress still suffer under the brutalization of law enforcement, and the police have made sure to get their hands on all ofā€¦

Opinion (#KenGriffinLied): The Facade of a Free and Fair Market

This is an opinion piece I wrote about the recent trending of the #KenGriffinLied on Twitter and how it exposes much deeper systemic issues if you look a little further. The beginning of 2021 brought a stock mania to the country with GameStop, Ken Griffinā€™s Citadel Securities, and Robinhood at the center. Weā€™re once againā€¦

An Introduction to the American Police

You awake to the sound of heavy footsteps outside. The stomp of what must be several pairs of boots startled you out of your slumber, and along with the creak of the porch under their weight, you can hear other muffled movements coming from behind your front door. You feel your partner still peacefully breathingā€¦

Opinion: The Ghost of Arpaio Haunts Us

This opinion piece was submitted to the AZ Daily Star a couple days ago! While Arpaio isn’t super relevant in our 12 hour news cycle, he was an extremely important figure in shaping our virulent identity based politics, along with the other names mentioned here. I can not emphasize enough how damaging yet influential hisā€¦

Opinion: Sinema and Biden are Moderate Enemas Flushing the Working Class

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, I am the ultimate perfectionist. I was workshopping this article with a friend because I didn’t quite like it, and came out with a much stronger argument I believe. This is being submitted to Politico, hopefully they like it enough to publish! Enjoy Rather thanā€¦

Parole, Recidivism, and Extension of Trauma

To end the series on prison, I’d like to end on a discussion about mass incarceration by putting in perspective that there are nearly 80 million Americans who have a criminal record. The trauma, injustice, and constant surveillance by law enforcement doesn’t end when people go home. When the system is designed to inflict maximumā€¦

The Disproportional Punishments of American Incarceration

We live in a reality in which there are two Americas; the criminalized and the wealthy. Due to the intimacy with which our status quo operates with white supremacy’s influence and savage pursuit of capital, it has created institutions that reinforce inequality and maintain establishment domination. One of the most obvious representations of this hasā€¦

The Concept of Race and Mass Incarceration

For people of color in America the barriers to chasing the ā€˜dream,ā€™ or even living comfortably, are tenfold those of white middle and lower class citizens. We like to believe that after events like the civil rights movement, emancipation of slavery, and defeat of slavery part II (Jim Crow Reconstruction Era) we left our uglyā€¦

Introduction for The New Federalist

The Case for Social Capitalism America has long endured as a powerful democracy, a testament to the will of our people to remain loyal through centuries of near fatal conflicts, none of which broke our resolve to maintain the Union. We are at another decisive moment in history testing whether our nation can endure, atā€¦

Economic Analysis Wrap Up – War Profiteering

To end the month and my first series of posts analyzing the state of our economy I would like to include one last analysis of war profiteering, including how it affected Afghanistan, providing an outlook for the role our military industrial complex plays in savage capitalism. If we are measuring based on human cost andā€¦

Disenfranchisement, New Feudalism, and the Ghost of an American Dream

The inability to pursue the American dream becomes even more evident when looking at the overall assets that younger generations hold in comparison to baby boomers and older. Millenials are hardly able to own their own property, let alone have any type of savings built up in case of emergency. The average person doesnā€™t evenā€¦

Friedman & Reagan Part II – the Shaman and Christ of Neoliberalism

Part I Part II Republicans realized that to get fundamentalist religious groups buying into a free market and limited government, the party needed some kind of bridge between moral and economic life, since many religious groups considered the excess that American capitalism promotes as sinful. The GOP solution to keep their voters happy has beenā€¦

Friedman & Reagan Part I – An Insidious Seed is Planted

There is a saying that capitalism can take either a savage or benevolent form; the United States has always been a system of savagery. Regardless of what tactic used there has always been oppression of a group of people sponsored by the government in our iteration of capitalist structure. Our modern government uses less openlyā€¦

For Profit College & the Lie About Loans

The governmentā€™s promise of student loans as a gateway to education and subsequent financial independence has been a huge misdirect for us as well. Student debt has tripled since 2008, and there has been a skyrocketing discrepancy in the cost of college and the loans taken out in comparison to how quickly students can payā€¦

A Tale of Economic Corruption Part IV – Death & Taxes

The Full Tale of Economic Corruption Death & Taxes – Only Applicable to 99% of Us To introduce this final installment of my economic corruption series I would like to highlight the inability to pursue the American dream. We have been sold on the idea that through hard work and loyalty in our savage capitalismā€¦

A Tale of Economic Corruption Part III – Quantitative Easing and Bernake’s Legacy

The Full Tale of Economic Corruption Quantitative Easing and Bernake’s Legacy The Fed and its collusion with Wall Street has been perhaps the most responsible force in the last decade or so for the economic inequality that America is continuously battling with. Post 2008 all arteries and capillaries of the financial respiratory system collapsed. Wallā€¦

A Tale of Economic Corruption Part II – Political Perks

The Full Tale of Economic Corruption Political Perks The largest contributing factor to Wall Streetā€™s legislative influence is due to the fact that our government is permeated with financial insiders on every level; Congressionally, bureaucratically, and judicially who fight to deregulate the industry and defend the necessity of big banks taking advantage of us becauseā€¦

Using Architecture to Analyze Inaccessibility within American Markets

An analysis of the industry called a barometer for the economy to help explain the disenfranchisement we feel. The corner store that you used to go in as a kid got demolished a little while ago. You felt a twinge of sadness remembering the ice cream sandwiches and other snacks that your parents used toā€¦

In Memory of Deante Strickland

This isn’t related to The New Federalist per se, but I wanted to share a couple of images I designed for my friend who passed. I and everyone else close to you continues to hold you in our hearts.

Our Existence Within New Feudalism

Developed countries have strong social programs such as universal healthcare, asset taxes that circumvent income to prevent unequal rates, and high speed public transit that is a part of bolstered climate protection policies. Americans have the hope that one day we will be rich, and can finally afford a life that sees our basic needsā€¦